You will find may more homes with the ceramic tiles than any other type of the tile. Here are some of the most popular reasons why ceramic tiles are preferred over other tiles.

They do not have burn stains
If you accidentally dropped a burning matchstick on many tiles, the stick will leave a lasting burn stain. The ceramic tiles are different as no burn marks are left at the point of burn.

Ceramic is good for your health
Unlike other tiles that hide the microbes, the ceramic tiles, whether glazed or unglazed, have a dense structure. No mites, bacteria and fungi can hide on the surface as long as they are cleaned regularly. Medics recommend the tiles to patients with high sensitivity to dust and microbes.

High durability
If the ceramic tiles are well laid by a professional and properly cared for, they can look as good as new for years. That means that the homeowners will spend less in replacement of the tiles.

Does not generate static electricity
Static electricity is formed when two surfaces meet and the friction generates some energy. Tile that generate static electricity are unpleasant to walk as they produce some tingling on the foot. Ceramic tiles do not generate static electricity when you walk on them thereby making the walking experience a lovely one.

Save on the energy
A significant amount of energy is lost on the floor especially during the cold seasons. However, for the ceramic tiles, they are poor heat conductors and thus great at insulating the room. They do not feel so cold and do not absorb a lot of heat. This means less money for heating the room.

Take on high foot traffic
High foot traffic can cause the section of the tiles to fade or get worn out easily. However, the ceramic tiles are able to handle lots of food traffic without any fading or sagging at the tile. It is idea for offices that receive lots of visitors each day.

Crack and scratch resistance
In many types of tiles, dropping something heavy or sharp is a sure way of cracking up the tile or scratching it. The ceramic tile does not get scratched easily by sharp object moreover, unless you have dropped a very heavy item, or it was not well installed, the chances of breaking up are very low. If you are thinking of quality tiles for your home, go no further. Consider ceramic tiles.

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