Trying to Pet-Proof Your Home? Why a Tile Floor is Key 

Pet-owners know the joys of having animals in their home, but they also know the downfalls. Issues like pets having accidents inside, scratching the floor, or muddying up the carpet are commonplace in the lives of animal owners.

These concerns are not always avoidable (even for the most well-trained of pets), but they can be combated through certain precautionary measures. One example of such is preventing flooring damage before it happens by installing a pet-resistant floor in your home.

Tile is arguably the best option out there for pet-owners, for a variety of reasons. While we love it in any situation, it’s especially appropriate in homes with animals. If you invest in a tile floor now, you are guaranteed to be happy later down the road when you avoid pet-related damage to your Melbourne home.

Here are some of the top reasons why tile floors are best for those with dogs, cats or other animals.

  • Water and Stain Resistant

If your pet goes on the floor, spills their food, tracks dirt inside, or dirties up the house in some other way, rooms with tile are the optimal spot for them to do so. It will not absorb stains or liquids like other flooring options do, so you can maintain a fresh indoor environment.

  • Easy to Clean

When incidents do occur, tile allows you to take care of them quickly and easily. It can be wiped or mopped, and its smooth surface eliminates the chance that dirt or debris will get trapped within the floor.

  • Usually Scratch-Proof

While some exceptions do apply, most tile options are resistant to your pets’ sharp nails, even if they’re running around all day long. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are especially good at maintaining their appearance despite wear and tear from your furry friends.

  • Comfortable for Your Pet

Summer is here and the weather is sweltering. Tile floors can keep your pet cool indoors, as they tend to stay much lower in temperature than carpet or wood. If you’re worried about your pet getting too cold in winter, lay some rugs or provide a pet bed to cushion them from the floor.

  • Low Risk of Allergens

Carpeting can tend to trap dust mites, pollen and other allergens, which can come as a result of your pet as well as negatively affecting them (and your human family). Tile, on the other hand, is incapable of harnessing dust and outdoor allergens in the same way, so it’s beneficial for homes prone to hay fever or allergy outbreaks.

For all these reasons and more, tile is the ideal choice for pet-owners who want to prepare their home for animal inhabitants. Whether you choose classic ceramic, “timber tile”, porcelain or one of our other options, take solace in the fact that both you and your pets will love it.

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