Top 5 Floor Tiles For Your Home 

The appearance of your home or commercial building will heavily depend on the type of the flooring you select. When it comes to flooring, tiles have become one of the best available options in the industry for a long period. This article emphasises the top 5 floor tiles that are used today by industry experts.

  • Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are considered to be a highly versatile tile variety that matches a variety of settings. They require low attention in terms of maintenance. Mostly, ceramic tiles are used in bathrooms and kitchens. Apart from that, they can be used in hallways, living areas and even porticos. They can come in wide range of designs, colour shades and sizes. They are easy to maintain and are resistant to most of the stains and clean easily. No absorption of water. It is cheaper than the porcelain.

  • Porcelain

One of the most popular tiles used today for flooring. These tiles are stronger than the ceramic tiles and have a better density. They are made under extreme temperatures. Extremely less porous and have better stain resistance than ceramic tiles. They are used for both indoor and outdoor areas. Porcelain is available in unglazed, glazed, polished and matte varieties to match different purposes. Laying porcelain tiles can be costly because they are hard to cut. Easy to maintain; wiping or mopping is enough for everyday cleaning.

  • Mosaic Tile 

It is a small tile variety that usually comes in the size of six inches. These tiles are made with porcelain or clay. They can be used to create intricate designs. Mosaic tiles are Ideal for relatively smaller areas such as bathrooms, kitchens etc. They come in shapes of square, hexagon and even octagon, and allow creating beautiful flooring. Cleaning can be a little difficult compared to porcelain tiles. Modern day, these tiles come pre-mounted on meshes to make work easier. Good for indoor flooring.

  • Granite tiles 

Granite tiles are extremely strong in the finish. They can be used even in outdoors without any hesitation. They are completely scratch resistant, unlike marble and limestone. They come in an innumerable amount of unique designs to match any surrounding. In general, granite needs very little maintenance. However, polished granite may require some re-polishing (depending on the amount of foot traffic it gets). The appearance can be preserved using a granite sealer. Usually, granite is slightly cheaper than porcelain and marble tiles.

  • Vinyl tiles  

Vinyl tiles are among the most affordable flooring category. They can come even as sheets instead of tiles with a variety of colour options and patterns. Usually, more dense tiles are durable than the others. However, vinyl floors are highly vulnerable to scratches, cuts and abrasions; therefore, it is not recommended for heavy use. They are not resistant to stains either. Cleaning is relatively difficult particularly compared to porcelain, ceramic and granite tiles. It is a good alternative to consider if you plan to go on a low budget. They can be used in rooms and other areas.

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