Tips to maintain and manage your bathroom tiles


As you have invested a certain amount in installing beautiful tiles for your bathroom it is also important that you take care of it. By taking care of your tile well, you will be able to benefit the best from your time as it would lead to last longer than ever expected. Installing tiles and the forgetting totally about it will not be a good sign of a maintainer. If you want your bathroom to look nice and elegant, then you ought to do some extra work to maintain and manage the tiles of your bathroom. As we all know the hygiene level of a bathroom is varied on how you maintain it and your tiles too would grasp these bacteria and make you fall ill too. Below are some useful tips on how you could maintain the tile of your bathroom which would be very helpful to you.

After shower clean up

There maybe 3 or 4 people in your home taking a shower in the same bathroom. And you are aware that water is left to drip on those tiles would bring stain to your tiles in a very short period. Making the surface of your tile seem moist and unclean too. Therefore it is advisable to make the last person who showers for the day to give the tiles a clean after his job is done. This would make your tiles cleaner and stain-free.

Coat your tiles with water repellent

This would be a great tip for you if scrubbing your bathroom tile daily is a hassle. This core would protect your tiles from soap, water and other minerals. Therefore it would need very less scrubbing and clean less often than before.

Use a special tile cleaner

Each time you give your bathroom a good clean up do not forget about cleaning your tiles too. For this purpose using a tile, the cleaner would be a good idea as it is safe and specially designed for cleaning tiles which include all necessary substances in it. So try to purchase on of these cleaners as it is conveniently available in supermarkets, hardware stores or even tile selling stores. It does not cost much to get it and you would appreciate the benefits of it as it enhances the gloss and colour of your tile.

Avoid sticking stuff

 We love to have fancy items in our bathroom. Toothpaste holders, soap dispensers, toothbrush holders and much more. These items come with a very thick and strong core of gum which enables it to stick on your tiles. This would ruin the texture and surface of your tile immediately as it is impossible to take off the glue stains ones removed. By sticking many items here and there would get your tiles with glue stains all over which are unremovable.

So make sure you maintain your bathroom with the above tips and have a beautiful bathroom for you and your family to enjoy.

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