Most home and building owners prefer to avoid carpeting because they are so challenging to keep clean. Your only alternative solution is hard flooring types like tiles, granite, polished concrete or hardwood flooring.  The only downside to these flooring types is that they can get so cold during winter months.

At Tilefix we have the perfect solution for anyone who loves hard easy-to-clean floors but hates the chilliness of this flooring type.  We can install under-tile or in-screed heating in your floor so you can finally overcome the chill and enjoy a gloriously warm floor no matter how cold winter gets.

We Install Under-tile Heating

Hotwire under-tile heating is a method that is incredibly popular all over the world. The process basically involves installing a hotwire system inside your floor before the tiles are laid.  These hotwires cover the entire floor area and is protected by a layer of material that prevents pressure and the hard floor tiles from damaging your hotwires and helps to distribute the heat evenly throughout the floor.  Tiles are then installed over the hotwires.

In-screed Heating

In-screed heating works on the same basic principle as under-tile hotwire heating but this floor heating solution is suitable for any floor covering.  You can use in-screed heating for floor types like granite, marble, slate, terracotta and even polished concrete. The installation cost of this floor heating solution is affordable compared to other home heating solution and most people agree that this is one of the best ways to heat up your home or building. The installation process basically involves installing heating cables in a mixture of sand and cement before laying the top flooring surface.  

Benefits of tile and floor heating

Both hotwire under-tile heating and in-screen heating give you incredible benefits and great home functionality.  Here are the top benefits of installing this heating method;

  • Full control over temperature
  • Even floor heating throughout the room
  • Effective room and floor heating
  • No messy heaters that are in the way
  • You won’t see or smell any heaters in your home
  • Underfloor heating is incredibly affordable
  • The systems are easy enough to install yourself
  • Keeps moist areas like kitchens and bathrooms completely dry

We Also Supply and Install Heated Towel Rails

In addition to our heated flooring solutions, we also have hotwired towel rails – a favorite amongst those who love to enjoy warm and snuggly bath and shower sessions.  Hotwire towel rails are easy to install and the wiring of these rails can be concealed. The rails can be switched on and off whenever you need to or can be connected to your bathroom light switch for automatic heating whenever you use the shower.  If you love the feel of a warm towel then you can definitely consider this fantastic rail.

For more information on our floor heating solution and heated towel rails please give us a call on 03 9645 1511.

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