Everyone loves to have their tiles in immaculate condition every day of the week. That is why people put a massive emphasis on cleaning their tiles, by following common steps and procedures.

But not all of these common cleaning procedures are actually good for your tiles. There are many that don’t work and end up causing you a lot of problems instead. And you will be surprised by the long-term damage that they can cause.

As tile lovers ourselves, we want nothing but the best for our fellow tile enthusiasts. That is why we have put up a list of tile cleaning mistakes that you should be avoiding.

Using Scrubbing Materials:
People have a tendency to use steel wool or abrasive scrubbing materials on their tiles. This is going to do one thing: it will damage the finish of your tiles. You will find it scratched and scrabbled across the board. Always go for soft cleaning cloths.

Not Caulking Or Sealing Your Tiles:
One of the first things you should do when you get your new tiles installed is to caulk them. This will add another layer of protection to your tiles. The same applies with the sealing, which will work to protect your grout. Look towards high quality waterproofing products to ensure that your tiles are protected from constant water exposure.

Over-Watering Your Tiles:
It might seem strange, but if you “over-wet” your tiles while you clean, with a overly wet mop or cloth, you can end up staining your tiles in the long run. Over time, if the water isn’t dried properly, it can leave behind discolouration. So always use a decent amount of water and focus on drying it properly.

Bleach & Ammonia Cleaners:
Yes, everyone uses them, but you shouldn’t! Over time, bleach and ammonia cleaners will discolour your grout lines and tiles. It won’t be instant, but over time will it occur. That is why it is best to use milder and less chemically-infused products to keep your tiles clean.

Protecting From Furniture:
This might not directly apply to your bathroom (unless you have a set of furniture there), but when it comes to other tile places in your home (kitchen, laundry etc) protection from your furniture is key. Use plastic protectors and place them underneath all your furniture pieces (or in the corners). This will help you add another layer of protection and removes the threat of your furniture scratching, damaging or chipping the tiles.

These common cleaning techniques might seem the best for your tiles, but it is not always the case. You have to wary of the potential damages that they can cause your tiles in the long run. If you would like more information on tiles, contact Tilefix Port Melbourne on (03) 9645 1511 or 0458 333 067 or email us at info@tilefix.com.au.

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