When you are looking to increase the appeal of your bathroom, nothing finishes it off like bathroom tapware. It’s a proven fact that tapware completes the overall look of a bathroom. With an array of styles to choose from, Tilefix has bathroom tapware to suit every taste and budget.

We understand that to many, bathroom tapware may seem like a small part of your bathroom renovation, but in fact, tapware is not only important from a functionality point of view – it is also vital to providing that finishing touch.

Whether you are looking for traditional or modern bathroom tapware, we’ve got what you are looking for. From chrome to brass and even brushed metal, every style and colour can be found at Tilefix Port Melbourne.

Tips for Selecting Bathroom Tapware

When selecting tapware there are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration. One of them is, how and where they will be mounted. The mounting position of your tapware impacts your style and size choices. It’s incredibly important that you consider the height of your new bathroom tapware, especially if you are dealing with overhead cabinetry.

And whilst tapware should be chosen based on its ease of use, you also need to think about choosing a style and colour that compliments that rest of your bathroom. For instance, baths and basins that feature curves tend to accentuate mixers with rounded handles and spouts.

Another important thing to keep in mind is W.E.L.S rating. W.E.L.S ratings refer to Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards, designed to help consumers make better choices about the water efficiency of products they are purchasing.

Types of Bathroom Tapware We Stock

  • Basin Tapware
  • Bath Tapware
  • Shower Tapware

Basin Tapware includes mixer and pillar taps. Mixer taps are increasing in popularity and we have a wide range of styles and brands available. Mixer taps are equipped with temperature and adjustable flow features.

Shower Tapware is available with functionality and style in mind. You can choose from a range of designs varying from traditional to modern.

Bath Tapware at Tilefix is sure to add the finishing touch to your bathroom renovation. Available in a range of styles and colours, we stock bath tapware for each and every taste.

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