Subway Tiles

Subway tiles get their name from where they first made their large-scale debut: New York City subterranean train stations (subways) in the early 1900s. The public clearly enjoyed the glossy glaze finish and simple, clean look so much that they quickly became a common feature of bathrooms and kitchens of pre-war houses and remain a classic to this day.

Traditionally proportions of subway tiles were strictly 3×6 inches (cm) but nowadays, manufacturers and the public alike, will refer to glazed ceramic tiles as ‘subway tiles’ when their proportions are a length that is double (or  more) in size than tile’s width. You will notice this characteristically, long length in all of our subway tile collection at Tilefix.

Subway Tiles: The Kitchen and Bathroom Staple

Subway tiles boast all the practical benefits of ceramic tiles such as: resistance to heat, easy to clean, hard-wearing durability, difficult to stain and a non-porous surface that does not draw in moisture. Together with their distinct design and glossy finish makes subway tiles a very desirable and stylish tile for your kitchen and bathroom, they are also popular as kitchen splashbacks.  

Create a statement with our bold, bright and glossy subway tiles or choose a timeless aesthetic with classic, white mosaic colours, at Tilefix Port Melbourne we have a big and beautiful range of affordable subway tiles for all.

Residential and Commercial Subway Tiles in Melbourne

Tilefix is your one stop shop for all your tiling needs. Whether you need family friendly tile flooring options for your home renovations or impressionable tile designs for your new business, we have got you covered with our extensive range of subway tiles suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Whether you are after a certain look i.e contemporary, timeless, modern or just looking for practical wall, splashback or flooring, we have got plenty of affordable tile options at Tilefix so you can customise a solution to suit your needs. Play with complementary colours or go with something completely different, our in-house team of  tile experts are always happy to help talk through all your options.

Need Assistance Selecting Tiles?

Visit our Port Melbourne showroom and design studio to see our exclusive range of tiles and accessories. You can also book a design consultation with our team to discuss ideal tiles to suit your intended application, including colours, textures and finishes. At Tilefix Port Melbourne you will find an endless array of tile options to enhance your outdoor living area.

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