Rear Mirror Dimisters

Everyone loves a hot shower or bath during the chilly winter months.  But don’t you just hate it when the bathroom mirror is too fogged up for you to see? Trying to wipe the condensation yourself will often just lead it to resurface on your mirror again, leaving your vision blurry and streaky. Clearing away the steam by opening a window lets the air escape and eventually the condensation on your mirror too, but this involves waiting time and will leave you cold and susceptible to the cool winter breezes even when you’re inside your home!

Luckily, TileFix has a great solution to overcome this foggy mirror issue forever.  We provide and install self-adhesive rear mirror dimisters that will keep your mirrors from fogging up.

What are rear mirror dimisters?

Rear mirror dimisters are a heat-conducting film that sticks to the back of your mirror.  The dimisters are then connected to a power source in the bathroom like the light switch. Whenever you switch on your bathroom light, the rear mirror dimisters automatically switch on and start heating up your mirror surface.  With a heated mirror surface, your mirror will no longer fog up and you can enjoy a crystal clear mirror view no matter how steamy your bathroom gets.

How are rear mirror dimisters installed?

Installing rear mirror dimisters cannot be easier.  Our mirror defoggers come in a wide range of different sizes and are self-adhesive.  To install this handy little mirror heater you simply peel back the self-adhesive film and stick the dimisters in the mirror area where you need it.  The film is then connected to your bathroom’s energy source or light switch. Even the connection is quite simple since because the device uses a low voltage level and thus doesn’t require complicated wiring of any kind.

How do rear mirror dimisters work?

The easiest way to use this device is by connecting it to your light switch.  The dimisters automatically switch on along with your light, and start to heat up the mirror surface.  Condensation will be prevented in the area where the heat-conducting film is in place and the device switches off automatically the moment you flip off the bathroom switch.

These defoggers are great for everyone

These mirror defoggers are incredible for anyone who loves a long and luxurious soak in the bathtub, a steamy hot shower and anyone who likes to take good care of their facial skin.  They are incredible for hotels, restaurants, resorts, luxury homes, residential homes, spas, saunas, guest houses and so much more.

Benefits of rear mirror dimisters

These simple, yet handy defoggers have many benefits such as the following;

  • Low energy consumption of just 57 watts
  • Automatically switch on and off with the light switch
  • Self-adhesive and easy to install
  • Incredible thin and suitable for all mirrors
  • Available in various sizes and shapes
  • Safe product
  • Prevents mirror from fogging up

Defoggers makes it much easier to get to all of those necessary grooming tasks such as shaving, skin cleansing, hair care, and makeup removal or application.  You can enjoy the warm and cosy heat of your bathroom and still care for your skin and face without the mirror fogging up.

Give us a call on 03 9645 1511 to find out more about our available sizes and the installation of this handy product.    

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