Outdoor Tiles

At Tilefix we offer many tiling options and are open to helping you find the right flooring solution for your home, backyard or workplace. Our friendly team of tile experts will always be frank in dispelling the common misbelief that tiles are only suitable for indoor flooring.  In fact, besides the variety of designs and colours we have available, there are numerous benefits to outdoor tiling.

Benefits of Outdoor Tiles

Outdoor tiles are in fact, ideal for exposed areas as they do not retain moisture. Whether they’re in rainy conditions or near your garden drainage, tile flooring will not rot or loosen if installed and maintained correctly.

Another useful feature of outdoor tiles is their heat resistance. If your outdoor space receives a fair amount of sun, you will notice your flooring remaining on the colder side. This is definitely more pleasant when walking barefoot in your own yard and especially convenient if you have a pool. Of course, this works both ways and means tiles may retain cool temperatures in the colder times of the year also.  

Tiles for outdoor flooring are also a very sensible option when considering cleanliness, particularly for outdoor dining and entertaining areas and barbeques where food and drink spillage is all-too-common. They are a lot easier to clean and don’t require specialist products or experts to get the job done – use your garden hose to see your outdoor tiles shine again!

Residential and Commercial Outdoor Tiles

Tilefix is your one stop shop for all your tiling needs. Whether you need family friendly tile flooring options for your home renovations or impressionable tile designs for your new business, we have got you covered with our extensive range of indoor and outdoor tiles.

If you are after a certain look i.e contemporary, modern or if you’re just looking for an easy, practical outdoor flooring solution we have got plenty of affordable tile options so you can customise your flooring to meet all your needs. Match your outdoor and indoor tiles, play with complementary colours or go with something completely different, our in-house team of  tile experts are always happy to help talk through all your options.

Need Assistance Selecting Tiles?

Visit our Port Melbourne showroom and design studio to see our exclusive range of tiles and accessories. You can also book a design consultation with our team to discuss ideal tiles to suit your intended application, including colours, textures and finishes. At Tilefix Port Melbourne you will find an endless array of tile options to enhance your outdoor living area.

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