Bathrooms are becoming more than a simply functional space in your home – in fact, they’re becoming centrepieces to home renovations. Today’s bathroom trends are lavish and exquisite, and there are plenty of things that you can do to create that luxury experience. From simple upgrades to complete overhauls, creating a luxury modern bathroom is a fun and exciting experience that not only adds value to your home, but can offer a relaxing retreat.

Here’s our top tips to create a luxury modern bathroom.

You Don’t Need a Big Budget

When people hear the word ‘luxury,’ they automatically think they need a huge budget -that simply isn’t the case. There are plenty of inexpensive ways that you can create a luxury experience in your bathroom. If you have a tight budget but don’t want to neglect your bathroom, we have some great tips for you.

One of the best ways to create a luxury bathroom experience on a budget is to use coloured grout in your tiles. While taking on a new tile project can be costly if you’re not careful, opting for a coloured grout can add some elegance to your bathroom space without spending a lot of money, especially if you have primarily white tiles in your bathroom.

Upgrade Your Tiles

If you have a slightly larger budget, we always recommend a new tile upgrade to give your bathroom the elegance you’re looking for. Large-format tiles are a simple and effective way to upgrade your bathroom to luxury status.

Pair your new tiles with a coloured grout to maximise the effectiveness of your tile upgrade. From simple to elaborate, tiles are a great way to give your bathroom the upgrade it deserves.

Update Finishes

Many people don’t consider updating their finishes like their knobs and handles in their bathroom, but that is a very inexpensive way to quickly upgrade the look of your bathroom. Your bathroom finishes can often go overlooked – choosing a unique or vintage set is a great way to create a custom vanity without spending a lot of money.

Choose a New Vanity

A vanity is the centrepiece of the bathroom, so if you have room in your upgrade budget, we recommend getting a new vanity for your space. Look at your space and think about what can improve upon your space in both style and functionality. Not only can you upgrade the look and style of your bathroom with a new vanity, you can improve your storage.

We offer beautiful custom vanities at affordable prices, making us one of the top vanity destinations in the area. Pair a custom vanity with a new modern bathtub for a complete overhaul of your bathroom – we can help you with the luxury bathroom of your dreams.

Partner With Luxury Bathroom Experts

The best way to create a luxury modern bathroom is to consult with bathroom experts – at Tilefix, you’re getting just that. With the largest selection of bathroom upgrades and years of experience creating one of a kind bathrooms, you’re getting the best of the best when you choose us. Bathroom upgrades are our passion, and we want to help with your bathroom project every step of the way – whether it’s a simple renovation or a completely new build, we’ll provide just what you need.

We specialise in both residential and commercial bathroom projects – from custom vanities to top of the line tiles, we have the largest selection of luxury products in the area. If you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom to a luxury modern retreat, contact us today to see how we can help.

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