Winter is well on its way, so it’s time to start preparing your home for the colder temperatures. Keeping your summer decor in your bathroom may not make the space as inviting as it could be. When the seasons change, so should your bathroom. Keep your family and guests cosy with these fun tips for winter time!


Using candles in your bathroom space is a great way to make your bathroom cosy for the winter. Different sized candles placed throughout the bathroom give the space a uniform feel while providing warmth and comfort. Yellow light marked the space feel comfortable and inviting in colder temperatures, and the scent of the candles will be an excellent added touch.


Lighting is one of the easiest ways to control the feel of your bathroom. Soft yellow light makes for a perfect cosy feel – try adding twinkle lights for even more style and comfort! Play around with the lighting in your space to see what works for you – too much light can be overwhelming, but not enough light isn’t a great experience either!

Colour Scheme

You may want to change up your colour scheme when winter arrives to create a more welcoming space. Dark backgrounds give the bathroom a warmer feel, while gold accents can add a nice touch of colour and comfort. Gold accents have the same effect as candles in a smaller bathroom space – gold is a warm, inviting colour that will make your bathroom very cosy.

Evergreen Plants

Adding evergreen plants to your bathroom space is a fantastic way to make your space feel cosier. Evergreen provide a comforting aroma, and they’re always beautiful to look at. They’re also easy to maintain and make a great accent to your bathroom!


Your flooring can quickly become cold in the winter if you’re not continually running the heat in your home, so you may want to lay down a water-absorbent rug in your bathroom. Not only will it keep your feet warm, but rugs are also very stylish! Match your towels with the rug for a special touch.

Using a cloth shower curtain also creates a cosier feel than a plastic shower curtain. A cloth curtain adds a touch of elegance to the space that you simply don’t get with a plastic curtain.

A final accessory suggestion is seasonal shower rings – having dedicated shower rings for each season is a great way to make your bathroom fun and unique as the seasons change!

Heated Floors

While a larger investment than things like candles and accessories, heated floors are a great way to make your bathroom extra cosy for the winter time. Heated floors are functional and well-worth the investment. Your guests and your family will be comfortable in the colder temperatures, and it makes for a great talking point!

While you’re at it, why not consider a heated towel rack for even more cosy comfort!

The Bathroom Experts

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