Cement Tiles

Are you looking for an affordable flooring solution that looks incredible? Well, then you can definitely consider our cement tile range.

Cement tiles have been around since the 1850s and they are still just as popular today as ever before. These tiles are handmade by using a cement tile mold, marble powder, fine sand and mineral pigments to colour the cement.  Concrete tiles available at Tilefix are manufactured on a large scale by using electric-powered hydraulic presses to ensure consistency and durability of our high-quality tiles.

A Wide Range of Cement Tiles to Choose From

At Tilefix we offer a wide range of tile products and our cement tile range is not to be missed.    Our concrete tiles have gorgeous designs and are perfectly suitable for various decorating trends like modern, contemporary, vintage, retro and are especially great for the all popular farm style trend.

Can’t Find What You are Looking for at Our Warehouse?

If you cannot locate the exact Tilefix cement tile design that you are looking for then you can always use upload a picture of the design and tell us more about the exact tile you need.  We will consult with all of our suppliers and concrete tile manufacturers and might just locate the exact tile in the exact shade you need.

Amazing Benefits of Concrete Tiles

Concrete floor tiles are not as popular as porcelain or clay floor tiles but if you look at the amazing benefits of these floor tiles you will definitely agree that this tile is an incredible investment.  Here are the top benefits of cement floor and wall tiles;

  • Concrete tiles are incredibly tough.  Your concrete floor tiles can easily stand a lot more pressure from heavy equipment than normal tiles possibly could.  It is the ultimate tile to consider for a floor an area with lots of heavy traffic. These tiles are tough to chip and scratch.
  • Cement tiles are easy to clean.  You can use any type of chemical cleaners on them without wearing down the density of the tile and these tiles are perfectly suitable for high-pressure washing.
  • These floor tiles are incredibly easy to maintain.  You only need to seal or wax your concrete tiles every 3 to 9 months to prevent scratching and cleanups are pretty easy since dirt and grime are very unlikely to stick to these tiles.  These tiles are made of natural products like sand, cement, pigment, and marble, all of which is very environmentally friendly.
  • You have lots of design options to consider when you choose to invest in concrete tiles.

Suitable for Any Building

Another big reason to consider cement tiles is that they are perfectly suitable for flooring and walls and can give you all the functionality and strength you need in any type of room.  These tiles are perfectly suitable for residential and commercial use and are a very affordable solution for those who love a luxurious look.

For more information on our high quality and versatile cement tiles please give us a call on 03 9645 1511 or visit our showroom.  

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