4 Timeless Bathroom Design For You

There are thousand of bathroom designs out there to choose. There are the classical versions, the modern designs and the ones that you create completely by yourself. But for many people, they are trapped by the struggles of finding a bathroom design that works for them. That is why we have provided you with four of the most popular options for your bathroom. Take a look and see what works for you:

The Industrial Look

The raw and natural (with the use of grey, grainy and dark tiles) is one of the most popular choices for bathrooms. We understand why. It provides a calming and natural feel to the bathroom while maintaining a sophistication. There is also the platform to add any additional colours to the creation – it will stand out on its own in a sea of grey. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better set-up so you can enjoy a stand out addition.

The Decorative Colours Approach

With the likes of hexagon and mosaic tiles, you will have a field day in designing a colourful and creative design. Mix and match colours, investing in putting together a range of tile designs and styles to create an intoxicating and decorative mix. It is fun, exciting and you’ll have a plethora of options to choose.

The Timeless Bathroom Feel

What is this timeless bathroom style we are talking about? What do old bathrooms have? A standalone bathtub, a separate sink and an inbuilt vanity set. This approach has long been maintained because it represents a traditional appeal while being able to be adapted to any new additions.

The Glassy Glamorous Bathroom

Incorporating a high amount of glass into your bathroom will bring a shine like you never knew. Enlighten your bathroom with mirrors, and you will find that your bathroom will sparkle. The light will reflect beautifully and bring in another layer of light to give you a wholesome and relaxing feeling.

These four are some of the most popular options for your bathroom. They are easy to design, fun to create and to excite to handle. They provide you with the standard functionality of a regular bathroom, but the stunning feeling of a special atmosphere. If you are looking to create any of these designs or having your custom-made bathroom, then reach out to Tilefix Port Melbourne today. We have the collection of tiles, vanities and bathroom ideas so you can get the complete bathroom service. We are ready to help you with all your creations, so reach out to us today.

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