4 Ideas To Perk Up Your Bathroom!

Sometimes your bathroom isn’t enough by itself. Sometimes it needs that little extra, that “wow” factor that captures the breath. This is why Melbourne homeowners are finding ways to add a feature to their bathroom. There is no better way to transforming your bathroom than by installing an eye-catching element to illuminate it. So we have provided you with four ideas that will perk up your new or existing bathroom.

Idea 1: Feature Walls! 

Want to grab the attention of you and your family? Well, why not walk in and see a feature wall filled with colour and styles before your imagination? Well, that is what you can do to give your bathroom life. A feature wall is unique for households as it will create a focal point and provide your bathroom with that “wow” factor. A feature wall using different shapes, patterns, layout, and colours can make your bathroom unique.

Idea 2: Feature Floors! 

Why not make a statement on the ground instead of on the walls? With a wide selection of tiles, you can design an eye-catching creative floor that adds another element to your bathroom. It will open up your bathroom, giving it a stunning shine and colour. This works excellent for bathrooms that don’t have a massive wall space.

Idea 3: Go Wild With Different Tiles

You say that you have to use the same tiles over and over again? No law says you can’t mix and match an array of tiles together and create your design. Get some porcelain tiles, subway tiles, and some mosaic tiles and put them together. Square tiles, triangles, hexagonal, geometric shapes and so forth. The options are there for you, so why stick to the norm? Let loose and create what you want.

Idea 4: Custom Made Vanity! 

Having a custom vanity made in your image is going to take the breath away. Vanities are considered a stunning addition to any bathroom, and having one created by you, for you, is going give your bathroom a masterful look. It will become the focal point of any bathroom, as well as opening up the rest of the room, and creating a tranquil atmosphere.

We hope that these ideas will work wonders in your bathroom. If you have other ideas that you would like to try or if you would like help with any features, then contact Tilefix Port Melbourne. We are Melbourne’s tile and bathroom experts, so we can help you in any ways possible! Speak to our team today!

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